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Guangzhou Musen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a collection of masks and cosmetics manufacturers, its business includes masks, cosmetics two major businesses, located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and for domestic and foreign markets have raised global sales. The company focuses on the customized production of masks, integrated sales, 24-hour shift production, long-term stocking, products through the various testing certification, customer real-time tracking sales, national distribution door-to-door. Is your business partner worth long-term cooperation.
Musen Pharmaceuticals mask manufacturer, with double S blue surface, medical-grade lyson spray cloth, dust-free workshop, ultraviolet sterilization, automatic packaging line, special color modulation, special thickness suppression, special performance production, product performance adjustment. Regular products are well stocked, strong production capacity, for customers to reduce waiting time, after-sales and packaging strict requirements, products include: disposable non-woven masks, disposable children's masks, KN95 masks and so on. It sells all over the world.
Factory is located in Guangzhou, national logistics and distribution, direct sales, remove middlemen profits, and provide agents, retail, nissan mask 3 million, 24-hour shift production, to provide personalized color customization, automatic packaging line sales, assembly line operations, staff after professional training, dust-free sterilization, strict quality inspection, 24-hour after-sales service, to provide quality assurance. Orderly production, unified requirements. Strong strength and technical support, is committed to building a mask brand industry chain. Buy disposable masks please find mask manufacturers fund-raising, to provide you with customized production


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