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KN95 respirator 20PCS

  • Product ID:1060991967
  • 4 layers
  • ear style
  • GB2626-2019
  • Product description: WILLIER Respirator(KN95)


Flower Bag Making Machine

Usage and features:
The machine is mainly used for making bags like flower bags, umbrella bags, tie bags and so on. It can produce arc bags with BOPP, PE and POF after it is reequipped.

Performance and allocations:1)KDF400 is suitable for flower seedling bags and tap bags.2)KDF600 is suitable for small-sized fresh flower seedling bags and grape bags.3)KDF900 is suitable for large-sized fresh flower seedling bags, umbrella bags and tie bags. a)High sensitivity, photoelectric cells and accurate bag-making.b)The stamping function is for your option.c)Order for Machines with special functions acceptedd)Special size of bag order acceptedMain technical parameters

Model KDF400 KDF600 KDF900
Power 220V 220V 220V
Total power 3.5KW 5.0KW 8.5KW
Bag-making Width 50-300mm 50-500mm 50-800mm
Bag-making Length 40-500mm 40-500mm 40-500mm
Bag-making Speed 30-160P/min 30-140P/min 30-120P/min
Weight 450kg 800kg 1000kg
Length of machine 3300mm 3600mm 3600mm
Width of machine 860mm 1140mm 1440mm
Height of machine 1225mm 1225mm 1225mm

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